Return Policy

Hotheads Hair Extensions and Tress Couture Hair Pieces have their own return policy located further down the page. For all other products, see our general returns policy below.


Returns: Prior to returning any item, please contact your Beauty Solutions’ Sales Consultant. For qualifying returns, we will issue a “Returned Materials Authorization (RMA)”. Please note: BSL’s Distribution Center staff will not accept unauthorized shipments, such as package returns, which do not have a qualifying RMA clearly marked on the package.

Returns Credit(s):

  • Returns within sixty (60) days of the date of invoice, customer shall receive the amount invoiced, less 15% restock fee.
  • Returns within One hundred twenty (120) days of the date of invoice, customer shall receive the amount invoiced, less 25% restock fee.
  • All costs of returning product to the Beauty Solutions warehouse are to be borne by Customer, except in the case of a mistake by Beauty Solutions. Items must be free from Stickers, glue residue, dents, scratches, etc. Any items returned that are not resalable will not be given credit, nor will they be returned. Items damaged in shipping due to poor client packing will not be credited.
  • Periodically Beauty Solutions customers will get returns from their clients for various reasons. We will replace damaged or defective product, in kind, at no cost. Replacement products will ship with your next order. You may be asked to return the damaged or defective products to Beauty Solutions. Replaced products being shipped back to us will be at our expense.
  • Approved returns will be issued a credit to the client's account towards future purchases. Credits will not be refunded.

No RMA authorization or credit will be allowed for returns of:

  • Products which are not fully resalable (dented, scratched, used, price tags still on items)
  • Products which have been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Special promotional items, such as manufacturer pre-packed promotions, offered at special prices, or seasonal items.
  • Items from within a kit, or from within an opening order offer with special pricing.
  • Any product over 120 days from the date of Invoice.

Refusal of Orders: If Customer refuses an order that was shipped through no fault of BSL and does not take reshipment of the items, Customer will be charged a 20% restocking fee that will be added to their next order. If the client takes re-shipment of the items they will be charged for actual shipping costs incurred for the return trip and re-shipment of the items.

Payment Policy: A minimum fee of $25 shall be charged to Customer for returned checks. A finance charge of 2% per month (24% per year) will automatically accrue on, and be added to, all past due accounts and shall be payable by Customer on demand by BSL, which demand may be incorporated as a charge on any future invoice to Customer.

Damaged Products: Customer must notify UPS driver immediately if damage is noted upon delivery. If damage is discovered upon opening the package, please call Beauty Solutions within one (1) working day. Upon notification, Beauty Solutions will make arrangements for inspection and return of the damaged goods at Beauty Solutions’ expense, and for re-shipment of the original order to client.

Shortage Claims: All claims that any order was short must be made within 3 working days of Customer's receipt of the order. Any product which is the subject of a shortage claim shall be shipped by Beauty Solutions to Customer, subject to availability of such product, within three (3) working days after acknowledgment and approval of the shortage claim by an authorized Beauty Solutions representative. Beauty Solutions shall make all reasonable efforts to fill any such shortage as quickly as possible, but shall not be liable to Customer for failure to meet said three (3) day period.

Any Risk of Loss or damage of the product for any reason passes to Customer upon delivery of the product to Customer’s place of business. The occurrence of any such loss shall not impair the obligation of the Customer to pay for all product delivered.

Default: Failure of Customer to perform its obligations under these terms, including, without limitation, failure to pay for the product as agreed, or insolvency, bankruptcy, assignment to creditors, or dissolution, liquidation or winding up of the business, shall constitute a default under this agreement, and shall afford Beauty Solutions the right to Immediately recover the product sold without notice to the Customer, in addition to all of the remedies of a secured party under the California Uniform Commercial Code. In that respect, Customer hereby grants to Beauty Solutions a security interest in and to the product sold by Beauty Solutions to Customer in order to secure the payment in full at the purchase price.

Warranties: Beauty Solutions expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This disclaimer in no way effects the terms of the manufacturer's warranty, if any.

Attorney Fees: If it becomes necessary for Beauty Solutions to enforce the terms and conditions of this agreement, Beauty Solutions shall be entitled to recover all of its costs incurred in such efforts, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs of collection.

Entire Agreement: This agreement contains the entire agreement between Beauty Solutions and Customer with respect to the product sold to Customer. No promise, representation, warranty or covenant not included in this agreement has been, or is relied on by either party. No modification or amendment to this agreement shall be of any force or effect unless in a written document executed by Customer and a duly authorized representative of Beauty Solutions.


Hotheads Return Policy

Defective HotHeads™ brand hair is found very infrequently. However, should you find that your HotHeads™ extensions are not up to your standards, please follow these guidelines to assure a seamless return and replacement:

*IF YOU DECIDE TO ALTER THE HAIR OR TABS IN ANY WAY, CUT THE TABS, COLOR, TONE OR LIGHTEN THE HAIR, APPLY HEAT FROM A FLAT IRON OR ANY TYPE OF HEAT TO THE TABS, THE HAIR IS NOT RETURNABLE. *WARRANTY IS VOIDED*. Beauty Solutions cannot take back returns OUTSIDE OF A 30 DAY PURCHASE DATE. Your warranty is voided after 30 days of purchasing the hair. Example: Purchase date 01/01 - Non-returnable on 01/31.

Defective Hair – Prior to being placed on the clients head.

  1. If the hair is defective upon opening the packet, do not proceed with applying the extensions on the client.
  2. Beauty Solutions cannot take back returns OUTSIDE OF A 30 DAY PURCHASE DATE. Your warranty is voided after 30 days of purchasing the hair. Example: Purchase date 01/01 - Non-returnable on 01/31.
  3. Repack the hair in the original packet and notify Beauty Solutions IMMEDIATELY at 888-973-7546.
  4. The Returns Dept. will ship your new hair (same as previously chosen) to you right away. You will not pay for the new hair until the hair you are returning has been evaluated. You will return the alleged defective hair to us by way of “call tag” issued and included in the clear sleeve of the new package of your new hair shipment.
  5. Your account will be credited for the defective product if the evaluation concludes it was defective.
  6. There will be no shipping charges on replacement orders for defective product.
  7. If the hair is found NOT to be defective, there will be a 15% restock fee applied to your account + the $11.50 cost of shipping the hair back out to you.
  8. Important Note: Blondes that turn pink, orange or darken are not the result of defective hair.  This occurs when minerals from hard water, i.e. river, ocean or spa water, etc., or color from colored products or oils deposit on the hair.  Blondes never fade to pink, orange or brown which is a result of exterior factors and voids the warranty.

Defective Hair – After it has been placed on the client.

  1. Beauty Solutions will only warranty hair that has been placed on your client if the stylist and the client has signed the Extension Home Care Form. 90% OF THE HAIR IS REQUIRED FOR CONSIDERATION OF A CLAIM.
      • 18 Strips for a 20 pack of hair from the same package of returning hair.
      • 11 Strips for a 12 pack of hair from the same package of returning hair
  2. Beauty Solutions cannot take back returns OUTSIDE OF A 30 DAY PURCHASE DATE. Your warranty is voided after 30 days of purchasing the hair. Example: Purchase date 01/01 - Non-returnable on 01/31.
  3. You must have two credit cards on file on your Beauty Solutions account.
  4. If the client has taken proper care of the hair and you feel it is defective, remove the clean hair from the clients head.  Attach the tabs to a piece of foil or card board like it was in the original package so that it does not become tangled.  The returning hair must be clean.
  5. Detailed information will be needed regarding the concerns with the hair. Complete the HOTHEADS CLAIM form acknowledging the terms of reshipment along with the signed EXTENSION HOME CARE form (signed at time of service application). Email both forms to
  6. Replacement hair will be shipped out at no charge pending evaluation after both mandatory forms have been signed and have been received. There will be a return tag shipped in the sleeve on the outside of the box of your replacement hair. In order to avoid being charged for the replacement hair, you will need to send the defective hair back within 72 hours of receiving the replacement hair.
  7. Your sales consultant will not be able to pick up the defective hair and send it back.
  8. Once the hair has been received at Beauty Solutions, it will be inspected and shipped to Hot Heads™ for evaluation.
  9. Once Hot Heads™ evaluates the hair, they will determine if the hair is defective.
  10. If Hot Heads™ issues a credit; your account will NOT be charged for the replacement hair that was shipped. If the hair was not defective your account WILL BE charged for the replacement hair per your signed acknowledgement on the HOTHEADS CLAIM FORM and you will be sent back the original purchase.
  11. This process can take from six to eight weeks.
  12. Hair that is being returned can only be exchanged for the exact same hair that was originally purchased.  (Same color & length).  We cannot issue a credit to the account.  Exchanges only.

Buyer’s Remorse or Color Choice Issues

  1. Beauty Solutions will only take back unopened packages of hair that are in like new condition as it has to be re-sold to another client.
  2. The return must be initiated within 7 days of receipt of goods and is subject to a 15% restock fee plus the cost of shipping.
  3. Credits are applied to your Beauty Solutions account only, no refunds to credit cards.
  4. RMA # is required prior to shipping the hair back to Beauty Solutions. Please contact your Salon Consultant directly or call 888-973-7546 X 108 and request our RMA Specialist.

NOTE:  Hotheads has a very low defective rate. Most of the time it’s found that the client was not taking proper care of the hair or the client is surprised that the hair doesn’t feel exactly like their own hair and thinks it’s defective.   HotHeads are real hair and as such there are no two packs that will be the same texture.  You will notice a slight variation from pack to pack in the condition of the hair.  Please make sure you are educating your clients.

Other things your client should know:

  • Don’t use a flat iron or any type of iron on the tape tab. Voids warranty
  • Don’t use an aerosol hairspray anywhere near the tabs. They have alcohol in them and will loosen them.
  • Use sulfate and paraben free products.
  • The texture of the hair will change once it’s been shampooed.
  • Your clients need to wait 72 hours after they have had the extensions installed before getting the hair wet.



Tress Couture Return Policy

Purchases Based on “Review” Guidelines: (Hair pieces ONLY)

  1. Clip-in hair pieces are not returnable unless they are purchased on ”Review”. See the guidelines below.
  2. Any of the clip-in hair pieces can be purchased on “Review” following these guidelines:
  • Customer is charged for the piece upon original invoice.
  • Customer pays shipping to return the piece if it doesn’t meet review.
  • The customer has 48 hours to determine if they want to keep the piece.
  • If the customer wants to return it, Beauty solutions must be notified by calling the office within a 48 hour period of receiving the piece. (888-973-7546) ext 232.

    - Each piece that is shipped on “Approval” will have a call tag in the box. If the customer does not want to keep it, they call the office (888-973-7546) ext 232 and let them know they are shipping it back, put the call tag on the box with the assigned RMA # on the outside of the box, and ship it back that day.

    - Beauty Solutions must receive the piece back to our warehouse within 7 business days of the RMA # being assigned.

  • Any pieces that are returned must be brand new and in the original package.
  • All returns based on “Approval” have to be done directly with Beauty Solutions office and cannot be done through the sales consultant. The sales consultant cannot pickup any pieces that are on “Approval”, they must be shipped back directly to Beauty Solutions Warehouse.
  • Once Beauty Solutions receives the piece in our warehouse and it is determined to not have been used, the customer’s Beauty Solutions account will be credited, less shipping charges. No re-stock fee will apply.

Clip-In Extensions Return Policy:

  1. Clip-in extensions are not returnable unless they are defective.
  2. If you believe you have defective clip-in Extensions and want to return them, it has to be reported to Beauty Solutions within two weeks of the invoice date. We strongly encourage you to inspect the clip-in upon arrival.
  3. If the clip-in is defective upon opening the packet, do not proceed with applying in the client’s hair.
  4. Repack the clip-in in the original packet and notify Beauty Solutions IMMEDIATELY.
  5. (888-973-7546) ext 232
  6. Your Salon Consultant will pick up the clip-ins next time they are in your account and ship it back to Beauty Solutions.
  7. Once the clip-in hair has been received at Beauty Solutions, it will be inspected and shipped to Hot Heads™ for evaluation.
  8. Once Hot Heads™ evaluates the hair, they will determine if a credit is applicable or not.
  9. If Hot Heads™ issues a credit; Beauty Solutions will apply a credit to the client’s Beauty Solutions account that can be used for replacement hair or towards other products.
  10. This process can take up to four weeks and is dependent on Hotheads ruling. If Hot Heads rejects the claim the hair will be returned to you.
  11. Beauty Solutions will only issue a credit to your Beauty Solutions account.

Important Note: Blondes that turn pink or darken are not the result of defective hair. This occurs when minerals from hard water, or color from colored products or oils, are deposited on the hair. Blondes never fade to pink or brown.